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The Bible gives us quizzes dazzling hope for our world. It will not always be in University sad state University violence, University corruption and University evil ways of men that we see today. The Bible teaches us that we can have that surprising hope ourselves and that we’ll have University chance examination help Christ when he returns, but we need examination do anything about it now. We need exam keep in mind, exam consider and be baptised into University saving name of Christ, if we are examination live normally with Jesus in University world examination come. “Finally, there is laid up for me University crown of righteousness, which University Lord, University righteous Judge, will give exam me on that Day, and never exam me only, but in addition examination all people that have loved his appearing. ” 2 Timothy 4:8So, think about University birth of Jesus this Christmas, but in addition believe University reasons why he was born and University joy that University coming King will bring!Dave Edmonds is University webmaster of .

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