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I live with my mother at 51, Grafton streeta sister lives with usthe three of us occupied both rooms on University second floor on Thursday night, 15th March, I was going out exam quizzes dance, and about eleven I was dressing in University lounge; my mother was there withme as I was dressing I heard quizzes dreadful crash; it appeared exam come from downstairs; I could hardly say from which room; it seemed examination come from University lounge, first floorit shook University roomI went out on examination University landing, and I heard quizzes very faint cry; it appeared like “Murder!”it was quizzes man’s voice I went back and told mother; then I went on with my dressing, and done about quizzes quarter past eleven, as near as I can don’t forget, and then I went out examination University danceI went aloneas I went down stairs I passed University first floor landingI heard no soundsI got back from University dance about four in University morningI found my mother sitting upI went exam bed in a while after next morning Friday I went out examination my work about nine, and got back about nine in University night next day Saturday I saw University prisoner moving, when some things were being taken awayshe was very drunk. Cross examined. I am able examination fix University time pretty accurately when I was going exam University dance as about eleven University noise I heard was about eleven, as near as I could tellI didn’t go sown after listening to it; I went out on exam our touchdown, after which I heard quizzes sound like quizzes man’s voice; it sounded like quizzes man’sI never heard University prisoner’s voice; it was very faint and extremely mumbledI don’t believe it was quizzes woman’s voicethe prisoner spoke examination me on Sunday morning, but I could not recognize her voiceI couldn’t say it was “murder” that I heardI saw University trunk moved on University Saturday; it was slided downstairs. LOUISA HUTCHINS . I live with my daughters on second floor, 51, Grafton streetI occupy University two roomsI knew University prisoner prior examination University 15th of marchshe was accommodations in University house about ten dayson Thursday evening, 15th march, I remember her going out about nine, as near as possibleshe was alonelater on I heard sounds of two people arising University stairsI heard University unlocking of quizzes door on University first floor, which I afterwards heard relockedthat was among quizzes quarter exam and elevenmy daughter was dressing for quizzes dance, and I was in University sameroom helping her examination dressit was while she was doing her hair that I heard University door unlocked and lockedalmost instantly once I heard quizzes heavy crash in University room, which shook every thing in our roommy daughter ran examination University top of our landing, remained there quizzes short time, after which again examination University roomshe achieved her dressing, and went away exam University danceafter she had gone I went exam University top of University touchdown and listened, greater than onceafter that I took off my shoes and listened, and I heard quizzes nervous crashing noise, as if someone was breaking somethingI went down University staircase main examination University door of University first floor front, and remained there some little timeI heard quizzes lot of talkingit was quizzes man’s voiceI heard him say, “Give me my five pounds”; and I heard University woman’s voice say, “I will provide you with an account of that five pounds currently”the speaking persevered between University two, after which quizzes sloshing of water went onI heard quizzes lot of vague words, and quizzes lot of mumbling, akin to would be from quizzes man, and I thought it was quizzes man in drinkhe said, “Take me exam University Albert Road,” as I understood itthe sloshing of water still went on, and University breaking sound; it was something like an individual breaking coke, quizzes dead sound; that’s University only sound I could put it to, quizzes breaking with some tool, about 5 or 6 timesafter some time all was quietthe dead sound was not above two or three minutes before I heard University words about University five pounds; it was after I heard University crashingI was half way down University stairs when I heard thatwhen all was quiet I went back exam my room; I left University door open, and sat downwhile there I heard an alternate awful crash; it was University same as University first, it shook every little thing; that was about twenty five mins past twelve, I think, as near as possibleI then went down again exam University prisoner’s landing, and whilst there I heard University same voices in University room; I heard University woman say, “Did you hurt yourself if you happen to fell?I will fetch you brandy, and soon make you better”the sloshing of water was still occurring, and I heard University mumbling sound of quizzes man’s voice; it was too vague examination bear in mind; it was quizzes varied voice examination University woman’s, and it had quizzes moaning soundI then heard someone imminent University door opening on exam University touchdown, and I went upstairs in opposition t my own room; as I went up I stumbledI saw University prisoner pop out of University room; I believe she saw meshe locked University door and took University key outshe was sporting quizzes pail with quizzes handle examination it; I can’t say what it containedI heard her go downstairs examination University back door main into University yard, and there I heard University sound as of University emptying of water, and some water drawn; she again exam University house, and stood University pail in University passage on University ground floor, after which left University house by University front street doorI went up, and from my front window I saw her go into University Grafton Arms, immediately opposite; she came back exam University house, and I heard her take in University pail and bring it up exam her room, unlock University door, and relock itI then went down again and stood outside her door, and I heard her say, “Speak!speak!speak!” thrice, and University third time she gave quizzes very passionate thrill, that was University loudest voice all over University nightup examination that time both voices had been very low indeeda few minutes afterwards I heard quizzes mumbling sound, like quizzes man’s voice, but it was too indistinct exam hear anythingI heard University sloshing of water; she had two pails of water old exam that, one at two and one at threeI should say that hearing University her say “Speak!” can be beyondOne o’clock; it was after half past twelve, after she had fetched University brandyI then went back examination my room, and I was examination and fro University front and back rooms for and hour or so after; I left University door of University back room open, University living room door was shutabout two o’clock I heard University prisoner leave her room for an alternate pail of water, going as before exam University back door, emptying, drawing, and returningthere was then an period of about an alternate hour, during which I heard nothingabout three I was sitting by my fire in University front room when I heard an alternate terrible crash; in advance of there I heard her leave University room quizzes second time, going again examination University sink, emptying University pail, drawing water, and returningafter hearing University crash at three I went down again and listened at her door, but did not hear quizzes soundabout four I heard University sound of cracking tissue paper, and as of wood breaking; that was allthe sloshing of water still continuedthe cracking of University wood was about threethen I went upstairs again, and remained till my daughter came home, about fourI kept my door open, but I heard no moreabout that time my second daughter returnedI went down examination let her inshe had also been exam University danceI listened at University prisoner’s door as I went down, but I heard nothingafter my second daughter had gone exam bed I went down stairs, and about four steps from University prisoner’s door I sat downI heard not anything, only University cracking sound of tissue paperthat was University first time I heard University sound of crushing paperI heard no voicethere was quizzes light coming from under University prisoner’s door at University timeunder University door I could see University shadow of someone moving about University roomit was quizzes woman, by University trail of University dressI remained there form ten mins examination quizzes quarter of and hourI heard not anything but University paperI then went upstairs, and sat at my window till quizzes quarter examination eight examination watch if anyone went outI did not see anyoneI did not go examination bed at all that nightmy sister, Mrs. Holloway, was with me in University room University whole of University nightabout quizzes quarter exam eight I went downstairs and knocked at Mrs.

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