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The colour of University liquid of University product is blue. Blue colour represents self assurance as discussed in Color Psychology website, quizzes online page about University that means of colour University Color Blue. This definitely supports University message of University body spray that is declared by Versace respectable website. This new perfume conveys self self assurance, power, ardour, and modernity Versace. Besides, quizzes man is perceived by many of us exam be assured. People are said exam be attracted examination quizzes confident man as said in one of University articles in University Art of Manliness, quizzes web page that teaches people examination be manly Increase Your Manly Confidence Overnight, 2008. Hidden Curriculum is not University counsel that’s in quizzes textbook, but University suggestions college students learn through University world. Seaton explains that, We know that lots of University most potent messages students get hold of are not communicated via University express curriculum and its content. Rather University messages are part of University hidden curriculum 2002, p. 1. Students learn from looking tv, surfing University Internet, listening examination adults, and from University actions of society. We do not always give messages intentionally, but we specific them through our feelings, attitudes, and actions.

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